Feb 24, 2011

Toes In The Water

The fact of the matter is I've had my toes in the water for quite some time. Photo water, that is. I've been shooting around Orlando since 2003, professionally since 2005. Mostly arts and entertainment type stuff, but as I blog on you'll see my camera gets into everything. Now, after many months of using my brain for other stuff, like planning a home birth and focusing on thriving as a single self-employed parent, I emerge from the mist of self-reflection ever more determined to be all that I Am.

Hit the ground running.  Did I ever land from sailing through those months in baby land? Yes! And hard. October - just after Sequoia was born - I shot the Armstrong/Ferrara wedding. My body was all jiggly and wobbly from supporting the largest belly ever for someone of my stature. My mid-back just plain HURT. But once the event started and the photo moments flowed, the experience was nothing short of out of body. Three weeks postpartum - no problem! Just a few weeks later I shot the coolest and most unique wedding ever for Elizabeth Levensohn and Jonathan Bear. December brought a third wedding gig (Sistak/Height) and also executive head shots for return client Access MediQuip.

Whirling from birth to work then parenting with work, I decidedly took January off... save the "would like a.s.a.p. engagement photos" for amazing yogini and owner of the Yoga Shala, Krista Shirley. We played on the grounds of Rollins College, where Krista first met her fiance Kwang, and produced some of my favorite loving each other photos ever. Photographing the couple was well worth an early end to my month off.

With my earnest gratitude, this trend continues into a flow. Miriphoto flow so far for 2011: Legion 11 fashion shoot in March (details to come!); Cheers Magazine event in April; On going product shots for our beloved Poca's Hottest as well as entertainment photography for Orlando Sentinel; Weddings, weddings and more weddings booked in October and November. I am also pleased to announce that my very tired and held together with gaff tape Nikon D200 camera shall be allowed to rest and only brought out as a back-up for my NEW Nikon D700. HOO-RAY!

The sky is the limit, my friends! And we all know the truth about that - it just keeps going round and round this beautiful home of ours. Keep it coming and bless us all.